The new EP “One Month Before” has been released, featuring three tracks that depict a hypothetical, sudden solar storm that will leave no escape. The single includes: “Six Months Before”, portraying life as we know it today; “One Month Before”, the sudden news of a super solar flare; and “Three Minutes Before”, the journey towards the end and perhaps a new beginning.



Let the music play
It’s my life, my time

Hey, gimme a break, I feel fresh, my life is one, runs away like water, I’m another
I wanna live now, do what I want, I just think you’re making my generation pay the price.
Oooh don’t ask me, I don’t want to change
with my car I go fast, I like strong sensations, no one can stop me, I have the power
Watch TV, they terrify us, I just think there’s too many rules in this game, I don’t need you
Is a fire, a mission, not listening, not looking.
How many words, how many lies, too much space, too many emotions
Feel good
Stay togheter
Love you forever
Try to be happy
We’re only human
They try to scare us
There’s no answer
There is only one way
I just want to be free to live my life
Why should I care about the fate of the world?
I have everything I need, i have myself
Might as well enjoy the place while we can.
Look, my love, a sky never seen, never mind, we’ll see tomorrow